Make Your Own Search Engine

Make your own search engineYou can build your own search engine and earn money like Google.

There are a couple of different ways of doing it. The easiest way is by using a Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) and linking it to your Adsense account. This is quite simple to do and a number of search engines already use this such as:

For a more advanced type of search engine and for those who cannot configure the Google API themselves, there are other alternatives.

You can build a dedicated search engine for keywords you have optimized and earn money. You will not earn as much as Google of course, but you can generate good traffic and make thousands of dollars per month from a well promoted sites. Since search engines do not require too much work once they are put up, you can put up several of them.

Build your own search engine.

Click on the link to find out about how to make your own search engine.