10 Cool Search Engine Tricks

Search Engines

Reverse Telephone Number Lookup
Google will automatically do a reverse telephone number lookup. All you need to do is enter the telephone number (landline) that you would like to identify and it will return the name of the owner. There are a number of other sites which also do this for free.
It is amazing to see advertisements online advertising reverse phone directory lookup searches for $35.00 when you can get it from Google, 411.com and other sources for free!


Live Search Maps

See Right Into Anyone’s Backyard.
The first time you see this, it is truly amazing. You can enter virtually any address inside the USA, and see a bird’s eye view image of that address.
All you do, is enter the address, then click on the link marked "Bird’s Eye View". You can zoom in and see right into your old neighborhood, revisit your old school, or see any address in the USA.


Most General Search Engines
Web Cam Search

Find Webcams (and control them)
Webcams have become quite popular with many people installing them to watch over their homes or businesses. Unfortunately for many of these folks, their configuration skills are not top-notch and they install their webcams with default settings. This makes their webcam visible to anyone on the web who knows how to find them. You can actually find these cameras and control them yourself. Most surprising of all is that some people have even unwittingly installed cameras like this in their bedrooms – perhaps intending to catch a cheating spouse, but unwittingly broadcasting it all to the world.


Google Suggest

Suggest Keywords
Google has created a unique tool to suggest keywords as you type. It is a very neat interface and is quite addicting if you are trying to come up with useful keywords. What did they call it? Google Suggest of course! Another brilliant idea from the folks at the Googleplex.

Search Engines which do translation (Google, Altavista…), also Search Engine Caches.

Use a Search Engine as Proxy
You simply set the Search Engine to translate a page. Set it to translate from some unusual language to English and visit the page you want to see through the search engine… which is now acting as a proxy. You can check this by visiting any IP checking webpage. Google acts as a transparent proxy, but other search engines handle things differently. Translation sites may also do this. You can also use the Google Cache to read banned sites.


All Search Engines
Try Musgle

Find Music
If you can write a clever Boolean Search String, you can use it to find music online… MP3s and other types of files. Musgle has written a JavaScript to insert just such a Boolean Algorithm into Google automatically. The algorithm is visible on the results page, you can copy it and paste it into other search engines to get different results. Try it.


CV Fox

Find Resumes for Free
This is useful for recruiters and especially small business owners who do not want to pay hefty headhunter fees or what the big search companies charge for database access. There are ways to do it with Boolean scripts or you may simply try the various methods at a site like CV Fox.


Look up an IP address
You can find out who owns a particular IP address. This can be useful if you get an email that you would like to identify the sender of, or for any other reason you might need to look up an IP. You can find out the IP Address of a domain – then see if that domain has a webcam online.



Track Shipments & Flights

You can enter tracking numbers for UPS, FedEx, and USPS into Google. This avoids going through the log in and hassle of the individual shipping company site.
Just enter the airline and flight to track it.

Delta Flight 1223



Finding the Time or Weather in a faraway location.
Just go to Google and enter the following:

time New York
Weather Los Angeles

Traveling? Need to find out currency exchanges? Try this:


Amazing stuff, eh?